Rental or Purchase – What Program Is Best for You?

I talk to customers occasionally who ask about whether it would be better to simply purchase uniforms or put their employees on a rental program.  Like many things in life, there isn’t a single answer.

A lot depends on how many employees a company has, the employee turnover ratio, how hard your employees are on the garments, and what type of work they do.  Of course, this also raises the question of what type of uniforms they wear.  Those who wear a regular, industrial uniform (shirt and pants) with standard name and company emblems, are going to be more able to afford a rental program than a company who uses flame resistant or high-visibility garments simply because those garments are much more expensive.  Over time, a company who is renting FR or hi-vis garments will end up paying quite a bit more over a few years’ time than if they purchased those garments for their employees outright.

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